Upshift Power Band's...  if a zip-tie and a bungee cord had a baby, this would be the result of such an unholy union. 

Did we mention that they are good for 10% more horsepower? Well they aren't. They won't do a damn thing for power output. These aren't that kind of Power Band.


  • 6 Inch Pair   - $7
  • 8 Inch Pair   - $8
  • 10 Inch Pair - $9
  • 12 Inch Pair - $10
These lightweight shock cord ties provide the strength and versatility to serve a variety of uses on your next adventure. Think reusable zip-ties... getting your cockpit’s charging cable chaos under control, tying an extra layer to your tank bag quickly, or keeping your gloves tied together as a pair when not wearing them. Power Bands are made to tackle all sorts of inconveniences and problems that arise when traveling; many of which you haven’t even thought of yet!

Made with 1/8" shock cord, small side release nylon buckles and heat shrink tubing, Upshift Power Bands are assembled at our Idaho headquarters.
  • 1/8 Nylon Jacket Shock Cord  *Made in the USA
  • 12 Inner Strands
  • Absorbs Shock
  • Rot Resistance
  • UV Fading Resistance
  • Durable
  • Double Wall, Adhesive Lined Shrink Tubing  *Imported
  • Nylon Side Release Buckles  *Imported
  • Assembled in Idaho at the Upshift HQ

If you have any questions, please email us directly at

**    Again, these are not really going to effect your horsepower in any way. 

***  These are not going to hold down heavy items. These are intended for the smaller jobs and to help keep gear organized. If you need something heavy duty please look at our UPSHIFT UTILITY STRAPS or the VOILE NANO STRAPS.

**** These are hand made and the finished length can vary by around 1/4" +/-.