The Upshift Utility Strap is a rock solid piece of kit for attaching gear to a bike or simply keeping gear contained in a compact form. They also serve as a kind of giant reusable zip-tie or duct tape. In a pinch, these things will become the solution you never would have dreamed of until you needed it. Keeping a couple handy on any ride is an easy decision to make.

  • 4 Pack of 3/4" Keepers - $3
  • 15” x 3/4” - Battleship Gray - $6.50
  • 20” x 3/4” - Battleship Gray - $7
  • 25” x 3/4” - Battleship Gray - $8
  • XL32” x 1” - Battleship Gray - $10

NOTE:Keepers come as a PACK of 4 - 3/4" strap keepers for the 15”, 20” and 25” straps. **Keepers do not work with the XL straps.

Our USA made FENDER HOOKS work perfectly with the 3/4" Utility Straps.

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MADE IN THE USA from a highly durable stretch polyurethane with a UV resistant additive for longevity and a hardened aluminum buckle.

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