The 1/2" wide version of the Upshift Utility Straps from Voile, offers the same versatility in an even smaller package. Being smaller and intended for smaller jobs, these utilize a nylon buckle instead of the aluminum buckle of the larger Utility straps. 

  • 4 Pack of NANO Keepers - $3.00
  • 6" NANO Strap - $4.50
  • 9" NANO Strap -$5.00
  • 12" NANO Strap - $5.50
  • 16" NANO Strap - $6.00

NOTE: Keepers come as a  PACK of 4.  **NANO keepers do not work with the regular 3/4" straps or the XL straps.

Available in four sizes, each of which will accommodate a load as narrow as a ballpoint pen. The 9" will work as a front break strap on most bikes. They feature the same weatherproof and UV-resistant material that you know and love. So when you need a tiny strap that will overdeliver, the Nano Series helps you keep it together.

MADE IN THE USA from a highly durable stretch polyurethane with a UV resistant additive for longevity and a nylon buckle.

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