Adventure enthusiasts can be defined by a myriad of characteristics, but they all share one thing that permeates all other attributes. Every adventurer has an unquenchable desire to explore the world around them. It is that same passion that pushes them to ride through lashing rain, blistering heat, and heavy snow, whilst experiencing the unrivaled thrill that only their journeys can offer.

That passion also fuels curiosity and a craving for knowledge. Enthusiasts can’t get enough information about the adventure-ecosystem, and we can’t blame them! Whether they are looking for inside tips about exciting destinations, or reviews of the latest gear, ADV riders have long searched for a source that could provide reliable information and engaging stories. 

Until recently, the search for such outlets was often a fruitless one, however in 2016, we started Upshift Magazine in an effort to feed adventure enthusiasts the precise media they were looking for. We have strived not only to give our readers detailed articles about travel and gear, but also to provide them with a sense of community in this unique corner of the motorcycle industry. 

Upshift offers riders extraordinary journeys paired with breathtaking photos, reviews of hardware and camping supplies, updates about new bikes and accessories, professional rally racing reports and more. As the adventure community continues to grow, we aim to provide all the information enthusiasts need to thrive and RIDE MORE.

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