STUCK NUTZ - The threadlocker alternative you didn't know you needed!

Some products just have a better story behind them than others. Stuck Nutz is a direct response to the billionaires behind the most popular thread locker in the world spending big bucks to close public land and trail access that is near their private land. Stuck Nutz is also going to put a portion of it's revenue back into organizations like Trails Preservation Alliance to work towards keeping motorized access open for all. 

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Blue Nutz: Medium Strength

Medium Strength, Oil Tolerant, Anaerobic Threadlocker designed for locking threaded fasteners, that require disassembly with standard hand tools. Exhibits good temperature and solvent resistance. 

  • Recommended Threaded Fastener Sizes: 1/4" to 3/4"
  • Competes with Loctite® 243™
  • Stuck Nuts is spelled with a Z. Stuck Nutz

Red Nutz: High Strength

A high strength Anaerobic Threadlocker designed to permanently lock fasteners. Exhibits good temperature and solvent resistance. Performs on aluminum, steel, plated, stainless steel, and special alloy parts. 

  • Locks and seals fasteners from up to 1'' in diameter. 
  • Competes with Loctite® 271™
  • Stuck Nuts is spelled with a Z. Stuck Nutz