2024 300 RR


Manufactured in Florence Italy, Beta is proud to present the new 2024 RR model range, a range of motorcycles that carry over many of the characteristics that made its predecessor so unbeatable last season, but which has been revised with a number of significant new features introduced across the range, plus other upgrades specific to certain engine sizes, to maintain the supremacy of the RR family as a whole.

Beta worked in close collaboration with Enduro champions Brad Freeman and Steve Holcombe to develop a host of small improvements on both the powertrain and the frame/suspension for the 2024 RR 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke models, to consolidate the already highly acclaimed characteristics of the previous generation. As always, the guiding philosophy of the engineers at Beta has been to not only increase the performance of the brand's bikes but to also make this performance even more accessible. So rather than major changes, this model year has gained a series of upgrades intended to consolidate all the outstanding qualities of each individual model. Completing the picture are new graphics, which lend a zero-compromises racing look to the entire range.

As always, the range is made up of 8 different models, each with its own personality, to cater for the needs of a very diverse spectrum of riders. There's the perfect RR for every rider, but what every model has in common is an ability to instill confidence in the user and offer a genuinely rewarding riding experience. The standard line of RR models are designed for the casual rider looking for performance without the harshness of the race bike feel while casually trail riding. A feature that Beta feels is sometimes overlooked.

2024 200 RR

Starting with the 125, this full-featured true Enduro model keeps with the heritage of minimal weight and torquey performance, while still offering a complete lighting package. The only 2 Stroke model in the group to retain premix and a kick starter, this model is for young riders entering the sport of off-road riding or the more experienced rider looking to relive their youth.

The 200 RR (above) is quite special, based on the 125 RR chassis and engine platform, this lightweight model provides much-added torque with the convenience of oil injection and electric start! Like the 125, the 200 also has a complete light package and a plastic skid plate standard. The 200 RR is truly in a class of its own.

Returning for 2014 are the 250 and 300 RR models. These two share many components however they both have different personalities. The 300 RR is an all-around flagship enduro model that provides the rider with an amazing amount of torque and lightweight feel that provides the ultimate traction and ease of riding while the younger brother 250 likes to be revved out a little more while still providing a smooth power delivery in doing so. Both models feature oil injection, an adjustable power valve, a complete light package, and electric start.

2024 350 RR

The 4-Stroke line-up of RR models features four different-sized engines all based on the same platform yet with different bores and strokes which provide a different riding experience. From the flickable, free-revving 350 (above) all the way up to the torque of 480, Riders of all abilities will find the Rideability of the Beta 4-stroke RR models refreshing.

The 390 RR is one of the best selling off-road 4-strokes in America, this is due to the special balance of the engine and chassis. With a smooth power delivery, the 390 RR makes trail riding pleasurable!

Not to be forgotten, the 430 RR is the wild one of the bunch. Higher revving with a sort of "MX" feel, the 430 is designed to be a trail ripper true to form. Delivering more than 50 HP, the 430 is an all-around bike that can be pay ridden, raced, hill climbed, or just about any other form of off road riding.

Updates for 2024 Include:

»  New Radiators: The 250, 300, and all 4-Stroke models receive an updated radiator design that is more durable and lighter. This new shape at the top allows for more fork clearance which provides a greater turning radius.

» 300 RR Engine: the 300 Engine receives an updated crank bearing design similar to the 2023 250 RR model to improve durability.

»  Front Fork: New, lighter fork internals reduce friction to improve the overall feedback to the rider on choppy or rocky trials.

»  Front Brake Hose: A new front brake hose is now crimped at the top and bottom eliminating the outer sheath to slide down the line.

»  Seat: A differently shaped seat along with softer foam to provide the rider with more comfort on long rides.

»  Graphics: A more complete-looking graphic package that ties into the red frame and red frame guards to give the bike a more "Italian" look.

» Traction Control: All 4 stroke models have an improved traction control system that provides the rider with better control in loose or muddy conditions. This system works independently with the dual MAP ignition system which also gives riders more tuning options.

» Airbox: 4-Stroke models receive a redesigned rear airbox boot that retains the low-end power the RR models are known for yet improves the power from mid to top end.

Dual MAP and Traction Control on all 4 Stroke Models


125 RR 2 Stroke


200 RR 2 Stroke


250 RR 2 Stroke


300 RR 2 Stroke


350 RR 4 Stroke


390 RR 4 Stroke


430 RR 4 Stroke


480 RR 4 Stroke


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