Rapid Rope is one of those products that makes you want to kick yourself for not thinking of it yourself. It’s a unique 1100 pound test webbing that is coiled up and inserted into a weather resistant and shatter proof canister that has a cutter built into the lid. Available in two sizes.

  • Original 120 Feet - $24
  • 120 Foot Refill - $14
  • Mini 70 Foot - $19

Pull out any length of “rope” you need to get the job done, cut it off and away you go. Super handy for long trips where you might need some line to help repair your luggage, maybe tie down a tent or connect a hammock to a tree. Untold numbers of uses. Right at home in your ADV luggage, your truck or van, tool box, UTV or shop.

  • ORIGINAL :: 6.5” tall by 3” diameter - It fits in most standard cup holders.
  • MINI :: 4" tall by 3" diameter - More compact for your backpack or glovebox.
  • Anti-unravel weave - cut it and the ends will resist unraveling.
  • Blade built into the cap
  • Refillable canister. When you run out, you can refill with a fresh cartridge. Also available here.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Headquartered just down the street from us here in Idaho

If you have any questions at all, please email us at: