Nalgene Travel Bottle Kits 

Traveling on a motorcycle can put your gear to the test. And there is nothing worse than a bottle of soap or olive oil busting open in your kit because the container cheap. When it comes to bottles that hold up and don't leak... Nalgene is the gold standard.

You can't have enough of these little bottles. From your lotion to Advil to cooking oil. You name it. We use one to carry spare fuel filters too. 

Large Kit:  1 oz jar, 2 oz jar, 1 oz round, 2 oz square (qty 2), 4 oz rectangular, 4 oz round (qty 2), dispensing caps (qty 2) fit 4 oz round (not leak proof)

Small Kit:  0.5 oz round, 1 oz square, 1 oz jar (qty 2), 2 oz square bottles