ACERBIS - 2020 - 2023 HUSQVARNA FE / 2021 - 2023 GAS GAS EC SKID PLATE

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Protect the underside of your Husqvarna FE or Gas Gas EC with Acerbis' skid plate. This injected molded plastic will stand between your bike and the elements without adding significant weight to the bottom of the machine.

  • Designed for optimal protection of the chassis and motor.
  • Designed to protect the shock absorber linkage from impacts, mud, and sand. It allows you to easily slide over natural obstacles (Whoops, stones, logs) ensuring a smooth ride. The design ensures maximum adherence to the link.
  • Impact-resistant material effectively protects against stones, earth, and mud.
  • Flexible and lightweight plastic reduces vibration and surface damage to the chassis and engine.
  • The air intakes are designed to reduce weight, increase aeration, and facilitate the washing operations inside the sub-engine, reducing the entrance of gravel, earth, and mud.
  • Using the original mounting points of the bike and the assembly/ disassembly is intuitive and facilitates easier maintenance and washing of the engine.
  • Extended protection areas on the side housings, on the water pump, and in the chassis areas.
  • Compatible with simultaneous use of X-Power (ignition and clutch housing protection).


- GAS GAS EC 250 F 2021-2023
- GAS GAS EC 350 F 2021-2023
- HUSQVARNA FE 250 2020-2023
- HUSQVARNA FE 350 2020-2023
- HUSQVARNA FE 350 S 2022-2023

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