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The DR650 is the quintessential dualsport. Relied on by world travelers for decades due to its durability, serviceability and cost of ownership. The DR650 can be whatever you need it to be and with 30 years of production, there is a strong aftermarket making that easy. A steering damper kit is the little bit extra that makes the DR far more capable offroad. 

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The adventure bike-specific RM3 steering damper unit has a wide range of adjustment with 22 position adjusters with and extremely easy-to-use shape dial. Taking care of the return to center dampening is our very effective "Active RTC" valves which allow the rider to counter steering in a hurry just like a steering damper with zero damping on return to center, but when you need a damper that has less wiggle in the middle like on big high-speed straight roads or tracks the RM3 will hold you with a positive planted feel in your hands. It's like having both a damper with zero RTC and full damping RTC all in one unit that activates automatically when you need it.

Kit Includes:

  • RM3 Steering Damper Unit
  • Mount Kit
  • Pin Post
  • Bolt Kit
  • Instruction Manual


  • 1996 - 2023 Suzuki DR650 models

7 Important Benefits of Steering Dampers

  • REDUCE HEADSHAKE – Reducing headshake without compromising suspension dynamics can only be done with a quality steering damper.
  • REDUCE WHEEL DEFLECTION – This is the biggest benefit of all, even if you’re bike had no head shake.
  • WEAVING IN SAND – Stop fighting the sand. Get a steering damper and plow through the ruts.
  • BETTER CORNER ENTRY – Steering dampers provide better control over the relationship between the ground the front wheel and the rider.
  • CREEK CROSSINGS – This is a variation on wheel deflection. The bike will stay on a more direct path through the creek and not deviate off line.
  • LESS FATIGUE – You will appreciate the damper when it saves you from fading or crashing on the last lap of the day.
  • NO DISADVANTAGE – Adjust the damping rate to your strength, speed, and surface in order to achieve the perfect feel for your bike.

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