New Photobook “Adventure Riding in the American West” is live on Kickstarter

Olivier de Vaulx, who’s a long-time collaborator of Upshift Magazine, is launching a big project on Kickstarter this week: A 200-page photo book that compiles 10 years of riding in the most remote places of the West.

Cutting no corners, this book is a 9 x 12 inch hardcover, printed on archival-quality paper. The layout gives priority to the photos, and the visual experience is improved by the size of the landscape pages. The American countryside is huge, and cannot be given justice outside of a panoramic format. The book is 200 pages of breathtaking scenery with no compromise in real estate or quality!

The Kickstarter campaign will fund the costs of printing and shipping. We believe that whoever loves ADV bikes and off-road adventures will enjoy the stunning pictures featured in this book, while their friends and family will be amazed by the diversity of landscape and the abundant wildlife… It’s a great gift to promote our passion for adventure riding!

The first edition will be an instant collector, so don’t wait! Backers of the project will get this unique book with cool perks like the author’s signature, a calendar, a special cover, and even an early bird discount!

Why the American West?

The open spaces of the USA are so unique in their diversity that they deserve some attention, out of the National Parks. I hope this book will make you travel from the comfort of your home, and that it will give each one of you some incentive to go out and explore… With the help of reliable and quiet adventure motorcycles, there are so many remote places to discover and enjoy! Let’s make this book a reality and be grateful for the untamed American Wilderness!

"Over the years, my pictures have been published in the most famous magazines and used by many brands in the USA, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Australia, which gives me a legitimate expertise when it comes to professional photography"

"In 2017, I did my first long motorcycle adventure. I had already traveled a lot in my life, in Europe and Africa, but this was different. With the help of Honda, I crossed the United States from Mexico to Canada, following the dirt roads of the Continental Divide, over 2.500 miles… That’s all it took to hook me into the new world of adventure riding. Since then, I focused almost exclusively on reporting about moto travel, publishing hundreds of pages every year about my journeys. Having ridden seven times the Continental Divide Route and twice the Pacific Divide one, finished twelve Backcountry discovery routes, documented countless personal rides and long adventures in Bolivia, Nepal, Costa Rica, and Mexico, I have to admit it: I turned this job into a way of life."

"Recently, digging into my archives, I realized that I had thousands of pictures, some already published, some never seen, which were taking virtual dust in my hard drives. The idea of giving them a second life and sharing my passion for moto touring came as an evidence. It was only a few weeks ago, but I’ve been working hard since then to make this project a reality."

—Olivier de Vaulx