Kinga Tanajewska signs with Leatt

World traveler and adventure rider  Kinga Tanajewska  will ride in Leatt ADV gear.

With the release of their new Adventure range, the South African head-to-toe personal protective equipment brand Leatt is welcoming world travelers to the adventure family in 2024.


Leatt made headlines in January when they announced that  Chris Birch  will be riding in the brands new ADV apparel as well as Leatt protective equipment. Now, Kinga Tanajewska joins the Leatt family and will be continuing her journey around the world in their new ADV gear.

Who is Kinga Tanajewska?

Instagram: @onherbike


‘It's complicated. I was born in Poland but moved to Australia, and for the last seven years I've been travelling around the world. So I feel like I'm from everywhere!’ – Kinga Tanajewska.


Kinga has ridden over 160, 000 kilometers on her bike, spanning five different continents. She has been a long-standing ambassador of the brand and has been wearing the iconic Leatt neck brace since her adventures began. The new range of adventure products perfectly caters to Kinga’s needs, and the needs of adventure seekers everywhere.

‘I bought my first adventure motorcycle in 2013, just before my solo ride around Australia. I realized if I want to really get to know this country, I need to go off road. In 2024, my plan is to ride through South America – and after that, we'll see. My trusty 2015 BMW F800GS, Chillie, has been with me from the beginning of my world journey. She's reliable, easy to maintain and still in great shape so there's plenty of riding ahead of us. Travelling around the world, I have ridden over almost every type of terrain. I think my favorite must be deserts, mountains and forests. The more remote the better!’ – Kinga Tanajewska.


There is a lot of adventure content on social media, but for Kinga, it’s a lifestyle. She thrives on being in remote places, having conversations with new people and seeing new horizons.


Keep following her journey with Leatt, and we guarantee you will be inspired to discover the world.