Introducing TMBR Moto

We’ve been making some changes. A lot of changes. Following our announcement, pausing Upshift Magazine on the 1st of March, some of you have noticed something new that we didn’t really address directly for a few weeks. We’re proud to announce a new online retail experience for adventure and dual-sport enthusiasts,  TMBR Moto.

Our goal with Upshift Online has always been to give our readers the best information and stories that inspire and improve their riding experiences. As we have grown our retail strategy that was intended to support that goal, the waters started to get a little muddy. And to be fair there has been some pushback from some readers that just want to enjoy the content and not be bothered with a sales pitch. We understand that and want to free Upshift Online to be a media outlet first and foremost. Of course there will always be some level of advertising. We can’t get away from that.

With TMBR Moto, our goal is to create a vehicle that will allow us to venture deeper into developing our own products and selling the parts and accessories that we believe in. We have a lot of ideas that we simply were not able to pursue under the Upshift banner for a number of reasons. TMBR Moto will focus on offering riders high quality parts, tools, outdoor gear and equipment to make their next adventure a success. All while providing meaningful customer support from a group with extensive industry experience. For over seven years, we have heard from readers, industry partners and customers alike that they not only appreciate our storytelling and photography, but they also value our level of care and devotion to sharing our knowledge. TMBR Moto carries that same purpose forward to a new dedicated retail destination where all enthusiasts can find the right gear to improve their experience on the bike.

What does TMBR Moto stand for? It’s not an acronym for anything specific nor does the name have an in-depth back story. Based in Idaho, at the intersection of the Pacific Northwest and the Intermountain West, we have spent a fair amount of time exploring the mountains and the timbered backcountry that we have available to us right out our back door. TMBR is a play on the word timber which represents where we live and play, and signifies the strength we hope to bring to our business as we support all of you.

Over the next few months TMBR Moto will be adding many new products to our Dualsport/Adventure parts and accessories offering. Here are just a few brands we will be working with: Acerbis, Akrapovic, Antigravity Battery, BRP, Cycra, DDC, Doubletake Mirrors, Dubya USA, Garmin, HP Corse, IMS Products, Motion Pro, MotoMinded, MotoPumps, Muller Motorsports, MSC Moto, Renthal, Scotts Performance, Scott Sports, Seat Concepts, Trail Tech, Yoshimura and many more.

We love motorcycles and the adventures that they take us on. We love building these businesses and all of the opportunities they give us to interact with other riders. Whether you need the basics for your bike’s regular upkeep, or you are about to embark on a long-distance journey, we can help you prepare for and enjoy the miles ahead. Let us know how we can help you… Ride More!

~Chris and Brandon

If you have any questions, please email us at or