Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Dunlop Motorcycle Tires is excited to introduce the latest addition to the Geomax family - the AT82, the most versatile off-road race tire Dunlop has ever developed. With championship proven Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT), a complete redesign inside and out, as well as a bi-directional rear tread pattern, no matter what the course has in store for you, you can be confident knowing you are prepared with the  Geomax AT82.


A redesigned construction was focused on improving overall handling, absorption of impacts to common offroad obstacles and dampening harsh feelings that are frequently transmitted to the rider. The new pattern provides greater support under braking forces and increased predictability under acceleration.


Not stopping there, Dunlop created an all-new Bi-Directional rear pattern that provides increased performance in a wider range of conditions making it the most versatile off-road tire Dunlop has ever created. The Bi-Directional center knob has been optimized to excel in both soft and hard terrain, simply by changing the mounted direction.


“Creating a tire to replace the tried-and-true AT81 was no easy task,” said Broc Glover, Sr. Manager, Off-road Motorcycle. “Having a tire perform and be consistent on such a wide range of terrain and obstacles you encounter off-road puts a lot of burden on the tire development team. Using decades of experience and input from the world’s best off-road racers, plus our test riders in Huntsville, we know that the AT82 really raises the bar!”


Geomax AT82 Features and Benefits:

  • New front tread pattern design increases grip and predictability under load.
  • New Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT) design in both front and rear tires reduces knob deformation for better handling and performance.
  • Increased damping and bump absorption due to new profile and construction.
  • New bi-directional rear tread pattern has been optimized for both soft and hard terrains simply by changing the mounted direction.
  • New rear pattern provides increased drive grip and consistency while cornering.
  • Updated pattern and knob design provide increased durability.
  • New 90/100-21 front size and 120/90-19 rear size

Any obstacle. Every condition. One tire.


The all-new  Dunlop Geomax AT82  is available in all popular big-bike off-road sizes.