January 20, 2024 - Spearfish, South Dakota

Mark Your Calendar FOR THE DAKOTA 600

Dates for the  Dakota 600  are July 14-18.

All-inclusive event (rooms, meals, permits).

  • Exclusive event limited to 50 riders.

  • Wide variety of routes for differing skill levels and types of terrain. Single track to ADV.

  • Over 12 small group rides will depart daily. Group size 4-7.

  • Each group includes a local experienced rider.

  • Over $10K of sponsor gifts given to riders. Everyone will win something!

  • Evening socials with tall tales of the day's adventures.

How to Apply!

  • Application period will open the morning of February 15th and close 5pm, February 21st. 

  • If more than 50 applications are received, we will use a lottery to determine who gets in. 

  • Applicants who were not successful previously will receive 4 chances in the lottery to improve their success rate. There is a good chance that we will not need to use a lottery and this year everyone that applies will get in. 

  • Group applications will be allowed. Maximum group size is 4. Either all get in or none. The group will earn priority points based on the highest priority point member.

Sponsor Spotlight

Not only is Ron Ribolzi of E Line Accessories fast on a dirt bike, but he is the very first of our sponsors to send their gifts for our 2024 Dakota600 riders. Everybody wins something thanks to these generous folks. Support our sponsors... they put their money where their mouth is!!

The Routes We Ride

  • There are over 24 routes available, of which you will have time to ride only four. Guess that means you will just have to come back to get the rest! 

  • Each evening we will create the small groups for the next day's rides. Each route is rated for difficulty, and you get to choose the one you like best. Hard or easy, long or short, you pick. 

  • We will group riders so the pace fits your needs. We'll keep the fast guys together and the slower folks can ride with me. 

  • Whether you desire single track, dual sport, or adventure, there is a route just for you.