After early success for the model, Beta has completely updated the Italian made Xtrainer in both form and function, further expanding the capabilities of the most versatile off-road bike touted as the number one selling entry-level Enduro motorcycle in the USA, The Xtrainer is a bike that offers a simply unique package of technical features, performance, ergonomics and design. The restyling of the 2023 model has been injected with a dose of elegance and grace, a bike that is anything but ordinary: in fact, it is eXTRaordinary. 

Thanks to unique characteristics such as a smooth power delivery that offers great Rideability, the new Xtrainer responds perfectly to the needs of all riders who seek a high-performance bike that is, above all, easy and usable, allowing the rider to easily deal with any situation. Inspired by the world of trials riding, the Xtrainer can adapt to a range of riding conditions with ease. Whether you are an amateur looking for your first bike, a skilled enduro rider seeking a less tiring and challenging bike, or an expert rider who wants an extreme enduro companion, the Xtrainer is the ideal solution. The bike’s usability in every situation allows the rider to focus only on the riding and enjoy the world of off-roading how it was meant to be.

With a lower seat height compared to a full-size Enduro bike, along with a narrow mid-section, quality suspension and a brake package designed for ease-of-use, the Xtrainer will put a smile on the face of all riders. The torque provided from the 300cc two stroke engine provide more confidence to riders of all skill level, with a unique performance that is suitable for tight and technical trails. A recipe made up of simple ingredients, which are skillfully blended to give rise to an eXTRaordinary result.


Updates are as follows: 

  • Light weight: only 218 lbs. for a bike that is extremely agile, even for novice riders.

  • Seat height: almost one full inch lower than the RR range, this provides more confidence and safety in technical riding conditions.

  • Brakes: Top-Quality Nissin, with a 260mm front and 240mm rear brake rotors to insure proper braking performance.

  • Suspension: R16V with 43mm fork tubes at the front and progressive linkage at the rear. The suspension can be adjusted based on the riding conditions. The fork offering adjustable spring pre-load and rebound, while the shock has adjustable spring pre-load, compression and rebound clickers.

  • Power Valve:the Beta Progressive exhaust valve can be externally adjusted by the rider with a 5mm allen or an optional thumb lever, allowing the rider to adjust the overall power delivery of the engine. engine performance to be effectively adapted to suit every kind of usage.

  • Map switch:two positions to adjust the engine power delivery to the type of conditions. (wet or dry)

  • Oil Injection: located beneath the seat (which is easily opened at the touch of a button), it does away with the need for the oil-fuel premix.

  • Soft tires: their soft compound and aggressive design provide grip in most conditions. combined with a stiffer sidewall, these tires provide additional ease of riding over the toughest terrain.

  • Cooling fan: although the liquid cooled two-stroke engine offers good cooling a fan comes as standard equipment on the Xtrainer, to ensure the engine always maintains the ideal running temperature, even on slower trails.

  • Electric starter: precise and reliable, essential when restarting the bike in tricky situations. A back-up kick starter is sold as an option.

  • Engine and clutch: the Xtrainer’s specialty, derived from the RR models, power delivery is designed to suit the characteristics of the Xtrainer’s smoothness. The diaphragm clutch has three settings for adjustment of lever pull and progressiveness.

  • Rear sub-frame: the new rear subframe is now similar in design to the RR model and offers updated side panels that keep the bike narrow while enhancing the look at the same time.

  • Intake system: the redesigned rear subframe has allowed for a new air filter box which allows an increase in air flow to the engine to improve the overall throttle response.

  • Battery: the battery is now lithium, lighter and more high-performance than its predecessor.

  • Fuel Tank: the fuel tank size has been increased to 2.32 gallons without sacrificing the width of the bike. Now in a translucent color so the fuel level can be easily monitored.

  • Plastics: the new tank is flanked by new tank panels, which are perfectly integrated into the overall new design. Innovative, simple, modern and refined, the Xtrainer’s looks, while showing off the frame design, offers the rider a distinctive look like no other Enduro model on the market.

  • Graphics: the design of the bike is enhanced with new graphics that are similar to those on the RR models providing the characteristic Beta red in its dominant fashion.

  • Availability: November, Pricing: $8,299.00