2024 Xtrainer 300



After the model's early success, and the complete overhaul launched in the 2023 model, Beta is once again updating its Xtrainer in both form and function, further expanding the overall use of the most versatile off-road bike.


The Xtrainer is a motorcycle that offers a simple unique package of technical specifications, equipment, performance, ergonomics and design, and for the 2024 model year has added a security/safety system along with new graphics which will carry the model into the 2024 season.


Thanks to the unique characteristics of the engine’s power delivery, the Xtrainerresponds perfectly to the needs of all riders who seek a motorcycle that is easy to ride and practical, allowing the rider to feel comfortable in most conditions. Inspired by the world of trials riding, the Xtrainer can adapt to a range of situations with disarming ease. Whether you are an amateur looking for your first bike, a skilled enduro rider seeking a less tiring and less challenging motorcycle, or an expert rider who wants an extreme enduro companion, the Xtrainer is the ideal solution. The motorcycle’s usability in every situation allows the rider to focus only on the riding and enjoy the wonderful world of off-roading.


With a lower seat height, narrow mid-section, and power delivery that is easily managed from low to high rpm, the Xtrainer delivers the proper power it needs to inspire the rider, not only in the higher speed trails but also in the tight and technical sections due to the torque of its 300 two-stroke engine. A recipe made up of simple ingredients skillfully blended to give rise to an eXTraordinaryresult.

Other Notable Features of the Xtrainer:


»Limited Weight: tipping the scales at only 218 lbs.


» Frame: unique to the Xtrainer, the frame is a parameter design allowing for an overall smaller size and feel. Roughly 15% smaller than the standard RR models overall, the Xtrainer model is its own model, not a shorter-suspended RR.


»Seat Height: reduced by 20mm compared to the RR model range allowing riders to touch the ground easier in tricky conditions.


»Brakes: Nissin hydraulic disc measuring 260mm at the front and 240mm at the rear.


»Battery: lightweight high-performance lithium


»Fork and Shock: single-track inspired R16V suspension with 43mm tubes up front and a shock with linkage at the rear. The front fork offers adjustable spring preload and overall rebound dampening. The rear shock has adjustments for spring preload, compression, and rebound dampening.


»Electric Start: for quick starting. A backup kick starter can be installed as an option.


»Beta Progressive Valve: the Beta progressive exhaust valve can be adjusted externally by the rider allowing the engine's performance to be altered depending on riding conditions.


»MAP Switch:two-position MAP switch works independently from the power valve adjuster to provide the rider with even more engine tuning capability.


»Fuel Tank: transparent tank with a 2.3 gallon capacity.


»Oil Injection: With an oil tank below the seat, allowing riders to do away with premix as the system provides automation oiling for the engine. To further simplify things, the seat can be removed with the push of a button.


» Soft Tires: off road-friendly soft tires compliment the Xtrainer's handling, providing riders more grip over rocks and roots.


»Cooling Fan: standard on all Xtrainers. This cooling fan is controlled by an automatic switch turning the fan on and off keeping the engine at the perfect temperature.


» Engine and Clutch: derived from the RR models, the 300 cc engine has been tuned differently for the Xtrainer for softer overall power. This in conjunction with the special torquey exhaust pipe provides a power delivery that is almost electric in feel. In addition, the special diaphragm clutch has three positions of adjustment providing the rider with the feel that he or she desires.


» Electronic Key/Safety System: new for 2024, this patented device provides a secure lock-out key exclusive to the motorcycle. This in junction with the steering lock almost eliminates theft issues. Another feature of the system is it allows the rider to wear a wristband tether around their wrists that when disconnected, will kill the engine providing a new level of safety.

Pricing: $8,399.00

Availability: September