2023 BETA EVO Factory models are here!

2023 EVO Factory EVOlution Trial    

The 2023 EVO Factory models are here! These premium models are manufactured with the finest components at Beta’s Italian factory and represent the next level of trial EVOlution. The EVO Factory models share the same base platform as the standard EVOs along with a series of updates on both the frame and engine side, providing riders with a competition model like no other and make the EVO Factory trials bike competition ready. The EVO Factory models are built in limited numbers providing exclusivity as well as performance.

The engines equipped in the Factory models have the following upgrades and features over the standard versions:


  • Updated cylinder and head: Like the standard 2023 EVO models all EVO Factory 2-Stroke engine sizes, except for the 125 and 200, will receive the new crankshaft and connecting rod (1.5 mm less, at 116 compared to 114.5 mm). The bore and stroke remain unchanged. The cylinder and its combustion chamber have been modified to provide and increase in the compression ratio. New crankcases have been introduced, featuring different internal volumes designed to work in harmony with the new crankshaft, cylinder, and cylinder head which all provide more power over the standard EVO models.
  • Magnesium Crankcase with Black Finish: featuring an eye-catching look while providing a weight reduction of 2.2 pounds which improves the agility of the bike.
  • Profiled Clutch Discs: Special steel plates that have an added lip which reduces flexing of the clutch plate while providing better performance under extreme conditions.
  • Black Anodized Engine Oil Plug
  • Engine Mapping: Revised to match the engine’s new components with an ignition curve to provide a power delivery that is smooth yet, powerful when needed.
  • Exhaust: The 2023 EVO Factory model gets an upgrade over last year’s model with the addition of a titanium header with a heat shield. This new titanium header increases performance over the standard version while also reducing the overall weight of the bike (conical cylinder connector flange on 125 cc model only). The heat shield, featured for the first time on the 2023 EVO models, is also being introduced on the Factory models to help protect the rider’s leg from heat and also protects the exhaust.


  • Engine Mapping: The electronic control unit (ECU) receives a higher power rating, which translates to improved spark and combustion throughout the power range.
  • Exhaust: A special titanium muffler is fitted providing an increase in overall power vs the standard model while also offering a 1 lb. in weight reduction.    

In terms of the frame and design, the new 2023 EVO Factory differs from the standard version as follows:

  • New Gold Front Forks: the 2023 EVO Factory is fitted with new gold front fork tubes, which provide the model with both aesthetic and functional benefits. New internal valve settings provides better oil flow, this combined with a new internal damping system which reduces the harshness when landing of large obstacles. This new dampening system also keeps the fork higher in its stroke while descending to provide the rider with better control, greater support, and greater damping capacity when landing from a significant height.
  • Rear Shock: The shock valving has also been revamped to ensure it is perfectly balanced with the front fork.
  • Progressive Rear Suspension Linkage: the configuration of the rear suspension linkage is more progressive to ensure greater traction and provide the rider with superior feel, facilitate wheelies, and helps overcome large obstacles.
  • Triple Clamps: Machined from billet aluminum with black anodized finish, providing added rigidity and a small weight reduction. They also feature fore-aft adjustable handlebar mounts for riders of all heights to set the bike up to his or her liking.
  • Lanyard Kill Switch: For uncompromising safety when riding the bike.
  • Chain Adjusters, Handlebar End Plugs, and Footpegs with Black Anodized Finish: the footpegs are durable, lightweight components, with non-slip steel pins to ensure maximum grip.
  • Red Silicone Radiator Hoses: offering improved cooling performance while providing the bike with a thoroughbred racing look.
  • Galfer Racing Brake Discs: these discs offer maximum braking power while being extremely lightweight. This contributes to reducing unsprung mass and maximizes the bike's rideability.
  • BrakTec Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders
  • Rear Brake Caliper with Anti-Vibration System for Pads: Reduces brake squealing.
  • Black Morad Wheels
  • Michelin X-light Tires: for unparalleled grip in every situation.
  • New Graphics: the 2023 EVO Factory has style to back up its performance. The bike remains faithful to the official team colors that clearly identify the bikes as Beta Factory models.
  • The following items were introduced on the 2023 EVO standard models and are also included on the 2023 EVO Factory:
  • Radiator Grill: the completely redesigned component introduced on the 2023 EVO is also fitted to the Factory model. In addition to optimizing the airflow directed to the radiator, the new radiator grill boasts a greater protective surface in the cap and radiator body area which prevents these components from sustaining damage when in contact with branches, stones, or in the case of a fall.
  • Beta-Customized Domino Grips: ensure comfort and hold, so that the rider never loses contact with the handlebar.
  • Tank Cover: with the new design introduced on the 2023 EVO standard model, fits tighter to the frame and allows all the cable routing to be covered for a cleaner look. There is a built-in MAP switch as well.

Available in March