This is Upshift TOPO graphics kit comes in a matte finish and designed on our own in-house developed template ensuring a great fit.

**Photographed with a black seat fromSeat Concepts

  • Fits all 2022 Husqvarna Norden 901
  • Kit includes graphics panel for the 890 Adventure R front fender for those installing a high fender kit

Material: Heavy-duty 3MMATTE finish vinyl.

In The Box: Includes graphics for the headlight bezel/fairing, for side panels (F & R), fork guards, front fender (high & low) and the swingarm. **This kit does include pieces for the 890 front fender and fork guards for those using those parts for a high fender.

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NOTE:  The bike shown in our photos and renderings is just one representation. Your bike may look different and have different color body work and aftermarket parts. What year your bike is, where it was sold and what you have done to it with aftermarket modifications can change the outcome of this graphics kit on your bike. Your bike may or may not look different than the images we have provided.